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Kpop Hitz Event

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most of kpop fans know about the DIGI KPOP concert which consists of G.Na , Beast and 4 minute.
and NOPE i didn't go to the concert because im not a digi user and don't wanna waste money buying the download package for the ticket . another thing is i didn't win tickets to go and another important fact is i got exam on the same day of the concert on the 13th January 2011.
instead, i won tickets to Astro Hitz Tv Recording ~!

Date : 14th January 2011
Venue : Mist Club , Bangsar
Time :5pm-7pm

went there early to make sure that i won't end up at the back and won't be able to see anything.
thus when they allowed us to go in to register and by the time i finished register and preparing to go in. the guard wouldn't let us in with bottles or umbrella's . so i went back to place my umbrella to the car and at that TIME was the time where im standing looking at around 6 cars moving into the club and who i saw? beast dongwoon and yoseob. other's were just kindda dark since the car is TINTED ILLEGALLY ! hahaha

even though we got into the club, we need to wait in line outside and we could hear them rehearsing inside the club. haha it was fun ~! then on the actual show, it started with G.Na singing and interview, then 4 minutes sing and interview and WHEN IT COMES TO BEAST .....CRAZY PEOPLE just keep pushing and i ends up at the 2nd line from the front. i was 5/6th line at the back but got pushed to the front . like seriously i though beast fans are called beauty and NOPE its absolutely not beauty at all ~! LOL.

it was fun to see them perform even with beast lacking of one member , gikwang due to schedule conflict.
here are some pictures that my sister took.

i got beast picture that i captured with my phone...thus, need to wait till i actually plug the usb to the laptop. haha but there's video capture by my sister

First A-levels exam

DONE ~! today is the last paper of Mathematics C3 and im done !
but now im worrying about the results.... because to me chemistry and biology paper was EXTRAORDINARY compared to the past year papers.
it makes you twist your brain like crazy but if you think too long there wouldn't be enough time since its only 1hour 30 minutes..NOW I SERIOUSLY MISS THE TIMES where we were given like 2hours 30 minutes on out SPM papers.

Chinese New Year is coming soon~~!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! its 1.1.2011 !!!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! its 2011 already ~!

~ to be continued on things happened in 2010~*im too lazy to blog now..heeh*

its 24/01/2011 and YES ! im determined to update my blog this time ! haha

first, lets REWIND BACK THE TIME ~!

January  - OHHH HAPPY NEW YEAR and opps the nexy morning to National Service Camp at  Kem Warisan, Masjid Tanah, Melaka. Its been a great time being there, never imagined myself living in the camp for almost 3 months. A fun journey yet a tiring one...probably because i can call myself being ACTIVE as a NS trainee except for the part where i slept during those movies at night. (when i say movies its NOT THOSE MOVIES THAT YOU PEOPLE HAD IN MIND its some movie made based on what we learn and i tell you THIS IS THE ONE THING WHICH I THINK THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD CHANGE in the NS programme  !)
-back from NS for CNY camp and go back camp.shoot some M-16 which i totally loved. and we're told that we're going back earlier  than expected due to the release of SPM results.
2 January 2010 - 10th March 2010 is the during i spent in NS..

April - im officially a UCSI student under A-levels Academy ~!! met loads of funny and great people. the one and only class i would wanna be in !

May - my family welcomed a new member which is rueben (the dog) !!! was given by dad's friend. named by brother and now his size is twice the size since he was here. he's a brindle chihuahua but a bigger version due to excessive jumping practiced when he was 1-2 month old. not thinking that his legs would become this long. a nerve wrecking dog due to the barking as a small dog don't seems to like things that moves really fast. 

June - on the 26th June 2010, Beast showcase as i won tickets out of great effort for the video of a parody. one of the showcase that the condition was the WORST as the time delayed is wayyy long but at the end it was ok since i get their autographs. more info here.
28th June 2010, got my 'P' license and i still suck at parking....lol

July - 10th July,2010, Brian Joo's fanmeeting cum showcase.won tickets &album too.so i can conclude this is the BEST fanmeeting out of all the one that i went cause people don't PUSH and the venue is just totally cooling and even in the hall itself was great. got to take a couple of pictures with Brian which was AWESOME . its even easier to communicate since he born and lived in the US. got to go to the VIP lounge and YES ITS AWESOME !

31st July 2010, MTV WORLD STAGE 2010 ! obtain tickets THANKS TO AMMELIA cause she got an extra ticket and on THE SAME DAY IN THE MORNING received a fb message from wondergirls forum admin asking weather am i free to go or not.. and YES and my sister can tag along together if not !!! i have no idea how can i go home cause i only reach home at like around 3 am !!! it was raining at the sunway surf beach and one artist after another and the time in between took forever ! btw, for some reason i got myself into the VIP area cause some people begged the guard so we just quickly follow and went to the pit zone. overall, i find that katy perry is really an amazing performer ! though waited for her to appear took almost 45 minutes !!! but its great to see her perform. and wonder girls was ok and they did and encore because the 'nobody' performance they did before got some technical problem of the screen not showing. was happily right at the front when they performed !

August -  21st August 2010, Leehom's Love in disguise special screening with LEEHOM ! this was tickets i won from Sony Ericsson on facebook page. the funiest part is when i inform ammelia that she won the tickets too !! and again THANKS to ammelia for helping me collect the tickets and register for me since i was in a super tight schedule that day ! it was fun to see leehom that close and i find Leehom looking the same as on pictures. not like some artist that look totally different between the human & picture.more info here

October - IM LEGALLY 18 years old ! and shucks im getting OLD ! NOO

November - 2nd November, 2010. THE SOCIAL NETWORK movie special screening. won 4 tickets by called Hitz.fm . i was just plainly trying out to see whether i can get though hitz.fm line or not and eventually got into the line and answer a question which is 'what i hitz.fm facebook address?' and tadaa i got TICKETS ! and they give winners some of the best seats in the cinema hall.

December - 4th December 2010. went pavillion to tag along with sis to see kimhyunjoong (SS501 leader) or better know to people as the Boys Over Flower guy. went pavilion to see him launch a The Faceshop new product and the next day went to pavilion again to see him AT THE PAV.THE FACESHOP where he went into the shop and just toured around. Thank goodness my sister didn't decide to chase after him to sunway pyramid because at there/..... the amount of fans basically like 10x more than the one in pav. in the morning. maybe because when he's at pav. it was EARLY IN THE MORNING and at sunway was already afternoon and he only stayed at sunway for 10minutes ! LOL

11 December 2010, THE WONDER GIRLS 1st LIVE CONCERT IN MALAYSIA. and again i got to know that era.fm was giving out tickets. so listened and called and YES GOT INTO THE LINE AND sing a part of 'nobody'and got myself 2 rock zone tickets to go to the concert. and THANK YOU DAD FOR TAKING THE TIME TO GO GENTING ~!! and what surprised me was i also entered a contest held by genting which is email some answers and give a slogan. and im one of the 2 winner ~!! and go 2 tickets for free seatings which my mom got soo excited that she dragged dad to watch wonder girls with her !! ahhaha it was a nice concert but after the concert there's like a bargain sale at first world CC. and ends up shopping there before we head back to KL ~!

thats all for 2010, and i'll anticipate a great year 2011 ~!!

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