Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kpop Hitz Event

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
most of kpop fans know about the DIGI KPOP concert which consists of G.Na , Beast and 4 minute.
and NOPE i didn't go to the concert because im not a digi user and don't wanna waste money buying the download package for the ticket . another thing is i didn't win tickets to go and another important fact is i got exam on the same day of the concert on the 13th January 2011.
instead, i won tickets to Astro Hitz Tv Recording ~!

Date : 14th January 2011
Venue : Mist Club , Bangsar
Time :5pm-7pm

went there early to make sure that i won't end up at the back and won't be able to see anything.
thus when they allowed us to go in to register and by the time i finished register and preparing to go in. the guard wouldn't let us in with bottles or umbrella's . so i went back to place my umbrella to the car and at that TIME was the time where im standing looking at around 6 cars moving into the club and who i saw? beast dongwoon and yoseob. other's were just kindda dark since the car is TINTED ILLEGALLY ! hahaha

even though we got into the club, we need to wait in line outside and we could hear them rehearsing inside the club. haha it was fun ~! then on the actual show, it started with G.Na singing and interview, then 4 minutes sing and interview and WHEN IT COMES TO BEAST .....CRAZY PEOPLE just keep pushing and i ends up at the 2nd line from the front. i was 5/6th line at the back but got pushed to the front . like seriously i though beast fans are called beauty and NOPE its absolutely not beauty at all ~! LOL.

it was fun to see them perform even with beast lacking of one member , gikwang due to schedule conflict.
here are some pictures that my sister took.

i got beast picture that i captured with my phone...thus, need to wait till i actually plug the usb to the laptop. haha but there's video capture by my sister


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