Saturday, April 9, 2011

hello dusty blog

Saturday, April 9, 2011
pooofffff and yesh my blog is really dusty.

part of it is because of Im lazy , short semestery (fainting soon), trials coming, real exam coming, my never ending maths problems that took me forever to solve each and every questionand etc.

anyway here i am writing a blog post ! HHAhaa
ohoh i basically got nothing to update actually.. cause my everyday life now is
1) go ucsi
2)every morning parked the car and start walking all the way to block C for class
3) class start and poofff half my my day is GONE !

This short semester is making me going NUTS !!!!!! its wayyyyy too short that everything must just fall together.

I won some movie merchandise from 8tv & gsc. and i do get lucky sometimes because i enter the contest just to try my luck and simply just enter and got lucky.
here, i found out from my sister's friend that i won it !haaha
went and collected my prize from GSC office 
and i find that most office are located at PJ !!! which is AGHHHHHHH cause its really scary to get LOST !
so from GSC i won merchandise from harry potter
and 8tv from gulliver's travelers.
this is the magnifying glass from gulliver's travelers and its a REVERSE ONE !! so things are not magnified but becomes smaller ! Hahaha

 the stuff that i got minus the gsc movie tickets also the super huge poster of gulliver's travelers. and i seriously have no idea what to do with the BIG PENCIL !! its just HUGEEE cannot even fit into my pencil box laa..

NEXT UP ! F1 tickets not to see the racing cars but to see RAIN after sooooooo long HE"S BACK TO MALAYSIA but only coming here for 1 day and leave cause rain have like TONS OF Stuff to do with his movie, asia concert, advertising deals, and etc WHEN he's going to the army like probably september this year !

won my tickets from KLue, and i find that when is really want to win something I don't seem to get it !!!
i entered many contest for this F1 but i don't seems to win it especially my MEET AND GREET PASSES TO SEE RAIN !! aghhhh i wanna see rain....but at least i won this concert entrance ticket so that i would not need to spend any money buying f1 tickets and Sepang is sooo far....
anyway can't wait to see Rain tommorow and hopefully it won't 'rain'(the droplets from the sky) or it would be hard for the racing cars then...
its like Rain will reach malaysia 10th April,2011 at 5.10 AM
and will say bye bye malaysia the next day probably afternoon.

also, thanks for keeping up with this post as its a messy post overall !
my trials is coming in about 1 WEEK (OHGAWD)
and the WORST the EDEXCEL A LEVELS EXAM ! is during may/june.
will be going crazy soon..
till then,byebye !


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