Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rain's Live 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix Concert

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Date: 10th April,2011
Event : Rain's Live 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix Concert

sorry for the blur picture took it using my phone.
AND YES !!!!!! I saw Rain performed for the 2nd time after soo many years since his concert here in KL back in 2007 !
I said it in my previous post that I won tickets to the concert but eventually the tickets are for Zone C.
So i wasn't expecting much other than seeing Rain far back from the stage. My sis and I took the skybus to sepang since we were worried to get lost and the amount of petrol and toll prices that we need to pay NOT TO MENTION the fixed RM 50 parking fee on that day which made people park very far away. I was worried that if rain perform late and we won't be able to catch the last bus which leave at 12am but things turn our to be great cause the concert ends early ! (not to mention the traffic when heading to sepang, people were running to the grandstand as they were late already for the race) btw, the bus ticket for both ways are RM30 (Pavillion>Sepang>pavillion) which I think is much better than driving there.
the bus ticket with one confetti but fell into the tag

Whats better is that on the day itself i end up being right at the FRONT of the stage all thanks to a very kind mother with her young daughter. She works for Petronas so she got a lot of complimentary tickets for grandstand for saturday's f1 tickets instead of the race day (the sunday one) but as long as you have a Grandstand tickets you are able to access to Zone A.
I was lining up at Zone C with my sis and eventually she's in front of us and we both found out she have extra tickets and she kindly gave us the ticket and we told her that with the tickets we can get to Zone A. and poof we were right in front of the stage ! AWESOME !

 Reached Sepang around 4.00pm (the time where the race started) got a little lost in the shuttle bus as we have no idea where we want to go since the concert only open its gates at 5pm we still have time to wonder around and sat the shuttle bus and woahh SEPANG is BIG ! wide wide space
thus, we ends up stopping at the main entrance to check out whats inside and suddenly the sky turns really dark and the F1 crew started asking people to take the green poncho and wear time in case it rains.
But Thankfully it did not rain but IM COMING TO SEE RAIN !! haha
they were selling those ear plucks in case the sound of the racing car hurt your ears. when we were there me and my sis basically yelling at each other !!! and its funny~!

After visiting, we went to the helipad where the concert will be held and there's already fans lining up there while my sis and I didn't bother lining up thinking that we are in zone C. then at the end when the F1 race ended the crowd goes bigger and we lined up and thankfully to the woman we met in front of us that we can get to Zone A !!! was totally excited at that point.
souvenirs from Chivas and the tag given to me by that kind woman.

The gates opened and we just went in, and the thing that i LIKED is that there's no rushing no pushing no yelling when people entered.*not like other event's that I go where people seems to a little tooo....Eager?*
went it and woah,Im right in front of the stage and saw many other countries fans too. i think there's korean,japanese,china & etc. 
waited and waited until 8pm !!! and there the emcee appear and i think she's the host for the ford model seach 2011 by STYLO. Then they introduce the models one by one as its their final competition.
I got a totally different expression when i see the screen with the model's picture and the MODEL itself on the stage. cause the screen is HUGE and when they put the picture of the model it seems to widen like 10000x which made them look like they have elephant legs but when they rocked the stage with their walk, and YES the impression is much better than looking at the wide screen.
Then, people were already yelling for rain to appear but the host said give them 5 minutes to decide on the winners. then winners were announced and i do think that all of them are pretty !

The crowd~!

Then, Dominic Lau from E!Asia appear and introduced the opening act by local acts Joe Flizzow which i think was awesome ! They're are just heating up the stage and crowd ! and after that there's a laser show called performance in the dark. and right after that RAIN APPEAR and the crowd goes crazy ! 

 soon after the concert ends after almost 13 songs around 1 hour. it was a great night and when i was leaving people were all saying that they are going to go to singapore for rain'c concert there which is coming this may cause 1 hour is NOT ENOUGH ! Will be missing Rain when he's off to army but before that he'll be releasing a new album, a new movie, and doing his asia tour all within this few months ! I guess he's crazy to have such a schedule as after he performed in malaysia on that day, he left malaysia probably the next day very early in the morning probably 4AM as he reached China for another event at 7AM.
and here's some fancam that my sister took, i couldn't take any video cause i was more to enjoying the show as i took one video which totally failed at the end when rain asked us to jump ! and my video just went ........ HAhhahaha

and if you're taking out the videos/ pictures do credit ~
do ignore the amount of "OMG' in the video and some crazy shouting by everyone ~! it just went WILD !


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