Saturday, May 28, 2011

time to decide

Saturday, May 28, 2011
im having my exam right now which will last till 20th June !
it does  make sense that most papers in may/june are easier than the once in january.
like what my lecturer told, january are mostly taken by asian americans or like us international students ! BOOHOO like for my Biology 1 paper which i took in january and the results is really bad
and i retake the paper for this semester and the paper is WAYYYYYYYYY easier !

anyway its been long since i update my blog so im just basically writing a random post. sorry.
time seems to pass really fast many people are now taking their degree course already and im still stuck with alevels and have yet to decide what course would i take after alevels.
one tough decision ..hrmm..hope i will figure it out before i finish my alevels.

also to my sakai buddy ! when are we gonna meet up hah??? its been very difficult to do out because everyone like me HAVING EXAM and a MAJOR one too !!! i dunno how many gazillion years we didn't meet up already.

till then, buhbye ! and im currently addicted to 2ne1's lonely, one pretty awesome song !


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