Thursday, June 16, 2011

UKISS Live in KL 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011
Date : 10th June 2011
Venue : Pavillion KL
Time : 8 pm

Ukiss is back !! I never seen them in person before so i was planning to go BUT then i think again getting all crowded at pavillion as the showcase is FREE and if you bought the ticket before that then only you can enter the pitt zone to sit. SO i ended up telling myself its ok as ukiss will be back cause im also still having my alevels exam and yada yada yada.

My sister actually went and see them at their showcase before when they first been here to malaysia and tickets at that time was cheap !!!! compared to now..big difference.. too bad we are not able to see kibum and alexander again but always do welcome Hoon and AJ the new members.

and why did i end up at the event??? because i won myself tickets of RM 330 package !!! WOOHOO and lucky my sister im giving her second 21st birthday present after i told her jang geun suk was her present already !! LOL the next day happily going to pavillion and wow the crowd really shocked me ! SOO MANY PEOPLE but luckily i got ticket !! HAHAHAha *evil grin* then went into the Pitt zone and sat and waiting and wrote some question to ukiss but too bad they didn't choose my question or the organiser basically didn't put up all the post-it notes on the board *it was obvious only part of it was placed on the board*. It started with 2 malaysian singers and wow the one of the singer ikwal was performing well !!! hope for his success in the industry ! and at 8pm ukiss appear and sang total of 4 songs which is 0330, Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up and Man Man Ha Ni

*sorry no picture/fancam from me, didn't wanna block people at the back and there's already lots of fans at there taking fancam and whole bunch of media sat just in front taking pictures already*

 there's also Q&A session and played some games and wow soohyun and hoon sang some ballad songs and IMPRESSIVE !!! i can see the ukiss new leader soohyun was really playful on stage trying to make kevin show his abs instead of aegeyo ! also ukiss makes it easier for everyone to communite as AJ, Kevin, and Eli speaks english while Dongho and Eli knows how to speak mandarin !

When the showcase performance finished its time for HANDSHAKE and ALBUM !!!
this is not mine but its similar !! haha too lazy to take picture and upload
i was happily going up the stage and shake all the members hand and soohyun was soo happy to meet the fans and woahh they are sweating like they are showering or something ! the last hand i shaked was Hoon and he was soo busy wiping his sweat off and i was standing there and he was really awkward and smile cheekily and continue to wipe his sweat ! LOL ! also i receive my album from AJ and he kept saying thank you ! while my sister go crazy over kevin and eli as both of them recognize her from last year's showcase ! and i happily got their signed CD and poster !! wheee !

they are really HOT ! sweating like crazy !
anyway i think ukiss had lots of fun other than the part that dongho twittered that kiseop(iphone4),a staff member and his own phone(galaxy) was stolen during showcase.. no idea whether they got back their phone or not but some say they found it but dongho didn't twit about getting back the phone though,.. but they must enjoyed malaysia as they went shopping in one utama and some fans said they soohyun and dongho bought underwear at parkson and eli was playing around with fans while shopping while the other 4 members were at a massage centre near daorae restaurant.

also some say kevin and ukiss cordi noona was shopping in pavillion on sunday afternoon and they actually went to a noraebang(korean karaoke) also near daorae at hartamas ! they must be one of kpop artist that spends a lot time in malaysia !

anyway good luck to ukisss for their future advancement !

picture credits to : redstar presents, kosmo!,marctensia , rentak sejuta

here's some fancam credits all to the uploader : lynaabc  @YT


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