Sunday, October 9, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Date : 24th September,2011
Time : 7PM
Venue : Stadium Merdeka,KL
-Seungri (BIGBANG)
-Park Jung Min
-FT Island
-Teen Top

        It was the first Biggest KPOP Wave Concert in Malaysia with a total of 7 awesome performers. I have to say as a 'veteran' kpop fan since almost 5 years ago when kpop dont even actually exist in Malaysia until now whereby almsot everyone knows about kpop i actually hesitate whether to go or not since the concert tickets are always overpriced because of kpop artist nowadays whereby ticket priced at RM 588(Rock Zome) RM438(numbered seat) RM288(numbered seat) and RM 138(free seating). It was hard because i've seen ukiss and 4minute performed before and the only main atttraction is GD & TOP and i have to say VIP(Bigbang fan's) were concurring the night with full support to Bigbang members. Tried to participate in a few contest but this time luck was not on my side until i received call from ntv7 that i won their contest and got RM438 tickets *was seriously happy* because they actually missed called me twice but i was in class and when i got out of class a car DOUBLE PARKED right in front of my car and i waited almost 45 minutes for the person to appear WHICH PRETENDED THAT CAR WAS NOT HERS !! WTH. but thank goodness with the car i received again after that from ntv7 stated i won but i must collect on that day itself at sri pentas and so i happily went sri pentas with my sister and forget about the anger due to a irresponsible driver !

      On the event day, reached at around 6+ since its numbered seating and there's many people selling artist tags, light stick and shirts and all of them are unofficial product but ohwell my sis bought herself PARK JUNGMIN lightstick and i bought big bang fan. i really fall in love with bigbang's official light stick as it was really pretty ! and lucky to my juniors at SMKSBU as st.john ambulance were on duty there like my cousin and friends all kpop avid are there ! hahaha but they couldn't scream and shout larhh. All performance were great as the hype was not really raised until seungri appear but i have to say 4minute's performance improved a lot since that last time i saw them at kpop hitz recording. Teen Top was good too since i was helping my cousin to wave HER TEENTOP lightstick when they performend ! ahahaha Ukiss as usual with soohyun's vocal but their schedule may just be too tight !!! reached KL at 4.35PM on the event day and left right after their performance to catch their flight back to Korea. FT ISLAND opened the show with a BANGGGG awesome performance HONGKI's vocal is undeniably good !and Park Jung Min which made my sister go hoohaaa . Seungri, GD and T.O.P was also great cause when they performed everyone stand up and i couldn't see and went to the front. Performance wise was OK but i actually expected more since they didn't even do an ENCORE STAGE !! which totally frustrate most of the people there like the show just ended soo suddenly.

oh i also met a lot of famous DJ as they sit right in front of me and spotted Malaysia's best idol singer group ThomasJack but only one of them were there and cousin wanted picture so we went and asked but the manager said sorry but he was kind enough to give handshake.

i also find that there's always pro's and con's in having a bunch of artist perform in one event as there are too many artist and some fans would only support their artist and didn't bother to cheer for other performing artist.
OH YAH !!! btw, didn't take any picture cause when my camera focus the picture don't seem to be nice at all so enjoyed the whole night fully and no fancams or pictures as you can find them a lot on facebook or just google it.

P.S: sorry for the long post.kehhee


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